Indian Bread

Naan $2.50

White bread baked in clay oven

Garlic Naan $3.50

White bread with garlic and cilantro topping

Chili Naan $3.50

White bread stuffed w/hot green chilies

Keema Naan $4.50

White bread stuffed w/ground lamb and Indian spices

Pheswari Naan $4.50

Leavened bread stuffed w/cherries, cashew nuts, almonds, raisins, and coconut powder

Lachha Paratha $3.50

Multi layered whole wheat bread cooked in clay oven

Aloo Paratha $3.50

Whole wheat bread stuffed w/potatoes, green peas and Indian spices

Onion Kulcha $3

White bread stuffed w/mildly spiced onion and cilantro

Paneer Kulcha $4

White bread stuffed w/homemade cottage cheese

Tandoori Roti (no butter) $2.50

Flat whole wheat bread cooked in clay oven

Chicken and Cheese Naan $4.50

White bread stuffed w/cubes of chicken and cheddar cheese

Assorted Bread Basket $8.50

Combination of three different tandoori breads: roti or naan, garlic naan and onion kulcha

Poori $3.50

Two puffed whole wheat breads deep fried