Goan Fish Curry or Shrimp Curry $21 $27 for combo

Fish or shrimp cooked in onions, tomatoes,
kokum, and coconut milk

Goan Fish Vindaloo or Shrimp Vindaloo $21 $27 for combo

Delicious combination of fish or shrimp w/potatoes

cooked in vindaloo sauce

Fish or Shrimp Malabari $21 $27 for combo

Fish or shrimp cooked w/curry leaves, ginger,
tomatoes and coconut milk

Fish or Shrimp Tikka Masala $21 $27 for combo

 Fish or shrimp cooked w/onion and tomato
base creamy almond sauce

Bombay Fish or Shrimp Masala $21 $27 for combo

Fish or Shrimp cooked w/onions, bellpeppers,
and tomatoes w/chef’s sauce