Indo Chinese

Chili Paneer(Appetizers)$7

             Homemade cottage cheese sauteed w/onion, bell pepper and
garlic chili sauce.

Chicken 65(Appetizers)$8

             Chicken marinated in spices and fried in a spicy batter and sautéed
w/onions and whole dried red chilies.

Chili Gobi$14  

Battered cauliflower sautéed w/onions, bell peppers, garlic & chili sauce.

Gobi Manchurian $14

Battered cauliflower sautéed w/ginger, garlic and Manchurian sauce.

Chicken Manchurian $17

Battered pieces of chicken cooked w/soy sauce and Indian spices.

Stir Fried Chicken $18

Stir fried chicken and assorted vegetables cooked with ginger,
garlic and soy sauce.

Chili Chicken $16

Battered chicken sautéed w/onions, bell peppers and garlic chili sauce.

Chili Shrimp $22

Battered shrimp sautéed w/onions bell peppers and garlic chili sauce.

Chicken Fried Rice $16

Pieces of chicken sautéed w/ginger, garlic, onion, green peas, and soy sauce.