Vegetable Samosa 


Two crispy pastries stuffed w/ potatoes and peas, sauteed w/ginger

Meat Samosa 


Two crispy pastries stuffed w/fresh ground lamb and peas cooked w/Indian spices


Potatoes and green peas sauteed w/ginger and mustard seeds and fried w/chickpea batter
Vegetable Pakora 


Mixed vegetables cut into small pieces and fried w/chickpea batter

Spinach Pakora 


Fresh spinach leaves fried w/mild spice

Chicken Pakora 

Chicken marinated w/mild spice and fried w/chickpea batter
Fish Pakora 


Fish marinated w/ginger and garlic fried w/chickpea batter

Onion Bujia 

Slices of onions fried w/chickpea batter
Paneer Pakora 

Homemade Indian cottage cheese marinated w/mild spices and fried w/chickpea batter
Bombay Grill’s Mixed Vegetable Platter 

Two vege samosas, batatawada, spinach and mixed vege pakoras
Bombay Grill’s Non-Vegetable Platter $13
Two meat samosas, chicken pakora, chicken tikka and shrimp pakora