Chicken Tikka Masala $17

Boneless chicken breast from clay oven cooked with onions, tomatoes, and creamy sauce

Chicken Curry $16

Boneless chicken breast cooked in tomato and onion sauce

Goan Chicken Vindaloo $16

Fresh whole spices ground w/vinegar and cooked w/chicken and potatoes

Chicken Masala $17

Boneless chicken cooked w/onions, tomatoes, bellpeppers, and chef’s sauce

Chicken Korma $17

Boneless chicken cooked in creamy sauce and garnished w/nuts and raisins

Green Masala Chicken $16

Chicken cooked with fresh ground green chilies, cilantro, tomato, ginger, garlic, and spices

Butter Chicken $17

Boneless chicken breast roasted in clay oven and folded into creamy tomato sauce

Kadai Chicken $17

Chicken cooked w/onion, bellpepper, tomatoes, ginger, garlic, and spices

Chicken Madras $17

Chicken cooked with curry leaves, coconut milk, ginger, and fresh tomatoes

Chicken Saag $16

A delicious combination of spinach and chicken cooked with chef’s special spices

Chicken Mango $16

Boneless chicken tossed w/fresh mango slices, bellpepper, broccoli, and cooked in savory mango sauce

Chicken Jalfrazi $17

Boneless chicken cooked w/tomatoes, broccoli, and herbs

Chicken Xacutti $17

Traditional Goan dish, whole spices, roasted w/coconut and cooked w/chicken